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Can Gum Disease Be Cured?

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Are you one of the countless people out there anxiously wondering if it’s possible to permanently cure your gum disease and ensure a healthy mouth for years to come? If so, you’re not alone. 

The truth is that gum disease affects many individuals, often without them even realizing it until it has already taken hold. With the proper treatment and dedication, you can possibly reverse the effects of gum disease and increase your oral health.

Thankfully, with proper oral care and treatment from an experienced dentist, gum disease can be successfully treated and managed! We’ll discuss what causes gum disease and how it can best be prevented.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a severe condition that affects the tissues surrounding the teeth. It is caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria on the teeth and gums, which can inflame and damage the tissue. 

Gum disease progresses through 4 stages:

  • Gingivitis: This is the initial stage of gum disease. It occurs when plaque buildup causes inflammation and irritation of the gums. 
  • Early periodontitis: If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to early periodontitis. In this stage, the gums start to pull away from the teeth, forming pockets. Bacteria can accumulate in these pockets, leading to further infection.
  • Moderate periodontitis: As the infection spreads, it can reach the bones and tissues supporting the teeth. This can cause bone loss and the formation of deeper pockets. 
  • Advanced periodontitis: At this final stage, the supporting structures of the teeth are severely damaged. Teeth may become very loose or even fall out. 

The leading causes of gum disease include poor oral hygiene, smoking, hormonal changes, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes. Fortunately, gum disease can be prevented with regular brushing and flossing and treated with professional dental care. 

So, if you notice any signs of gum disease, such as bleeding or swollen gums, it is crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible. Caring for your teeth and gums can help keep you healthy and smiling.

A woman pulls down the right side of her lip to expose her red gums

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

When it comes to oral health, gum disease is a serious matter that should not be ignored. However, many people only realize they have it once it’s too late. That’s why understanding the warning signs of gum disease is crucial. 

Some of these warning signs include: 

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums during brushing or flossing
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Persistent bad breath

If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even bone damage. 

Keeping an eye out for these symptoms and visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent gum disease from taking hold and ruining your smile.

When to See a Dentist for Treatment

When it comes to dental problems, it’s always best to take a proactive approach. While regular brushing and flossing at home are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, there are times when professional treatment is necessary. Ignoring dental issues can lead to more serious problems down the road, including tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. 

So when should you see a dentist for professional treatment? Anytime you experience pain or discomfort in your mouth, have a loose or broken tooth, or notice any swelling or bleeding, it’s important to schedule an appointment right away. Remember, the sooner you seek treatment, the better off your dental health will be in the long run.

Restoring Healthy Gums & Teeth with Periodontal Treatment

We all know that having healthy teeth is essential, but it’s easy to neglect the health of your gums. However, neglecting your gums can lead to serious issues like periodontal disease. Thankfully, with periodontal treatment, healthy gums and teeth can be restored. This type of treatment is focused on preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum disease. It’s a non-invasive way to get your oral health back on track, and it can help prevent more serious dental problems down the line. 

Whether you’re experiencing swollen gums, gum recession, or bleeding when you brush your teeth, periodontal treatment can help prevent your gums from further receding and damage. So don’t wait until it’s too late – take care of your gums and teeth with periodontal treatment!

What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment refers to procedures performed by dental professionals to address gum disease. This can include cleanings, scaling and root planing, and surgery to remove damaged tissue. Gum disease is a common condition that occurs when bacteria build up along the gum line, leading to inflammation and eventual damage to the surrounding tissue and bone. 

Without treatment, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even systemic health problems. By addressing gum disease early on with periodontal therapy, patients can maintain healthy gums and teeth for years to come.

Visit Your Dentist in SW Calgary for a Healthy Mouth

Knowing what to look for and how to care for your gums and teeth is essential in preventing gum disease. Proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are vital to maintaining healthy gums and using preventative measures against gum disease. 

If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, structural damage, susceptibility to other infections or health issues, along with several other serious risks. Contact West 85th Dental for periodontal treatment if you are looking for more information on getting the best care possible for your gums.


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