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Why Would You Need a Crown on Your Tooth?

If your dentist needs to repair a decayed tooth, they may recommend a crown. Your dentist will always provide personalized recommendations for your teeth, and there are various reasons they may suggest a crown over a filling.  Ultimately, a crown can be a more effective solution to restore the appearance and functionality of a damaged […]

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Nitrous Oxide: How Does It Work & Why Is It Used?

If you’ve ever heard of “laughing gas”, you’re at least a little bit familiar with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a natural gas often administered during sedation dentistry. It is a type of anesthetic that is very safe when used correctly and under the supervision of a professional. Most commonly used to reduce pain or […]

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Is Mouthwash Bad for You?

Using mouthwash is generally accepted as a complementary step in good oral hygiene. But are there any concerns about using mouthwash every day? Understanding the products that you’re using and following recommended procedures helps make rinsing your mouth with an oral wash a risk-free activity. Let’s explore how mouthwash freshens your breath and protects your […]

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